Edward Hopper (1882-1967)

Study for 'High Noon'

Charcoal on Paper
10-1/2 x 11 inches

In 1949 Hopper made four paintings. This was the first of the year, begun on August 25th.

The drawing shows a figure standing beside the house speaking with a person in the window. It is reproduced as figure 340.2 in the catalogue raisonee, page 328. It is notes that there are five existing studies on four sheets. Another, showing Jo standing in the doorway, is probably the final study.

Edward Hopper died in 1967. When Jo Hopper died eight months later she left the entire contents of the New York Studio to the Whitney Museum and their Cape Cod home in Truro to her friend Mary Schiffenhaus. In the drawers and cupboards Mrs. Schiffenhaus found studies for many of Hoppers great late works. These drawings showcase an essential part of this hidden Hopper. They are not studies in the true sense, as Hopper, particularly in his later works, had essentially solved the structural and compositional issues of a new painting in his mind. They reflect the clarity of Hopper’s imagination and his vision of the final composition of some of his greatest paintings.

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