Guy Dill (b. 1946)


Fabricated Bronze
95 x 64 x 41 inches, 241.3 x 162.6 x 104.1 cm
Signed 'G. Dill' (lower right)

Guy Dill is one of our contemporary sculptors who have consistently over the past twenty years been able to achieve what might be called meaningful monumentality Ė that is, a significant scale to his work that isnít wasted, that holds up against the test of large, outdoor spaces and proclaims itself as needing to be made in monumental proportions. His work is not always large in actual size but almost invariably projects a self-confident sense of scale even if physically intimate. For him, organic vitality was just as important, if not more so, than the rectitude of pure geometry. His works sway, twist, gyrate, reach, and unfold. Stasis is not permitted. Movement abounds, even in large, powerful works that lock onto the ground with a wide-spread stance. Analogies of dance have been applied to Dillís sculptures in the past and are very apt, for one frequently feels in his upright pieces the anthropomorphic presence of bodies in motion, lifting and spinning lightly and elegantly in space. - Steven Nash

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