Steve Perrault

The Inner Self

Acrylic on Canvas on Board
40 x 30 Inches, 101.6 x 76.2 cm

Holding graduate degrees in theology, psychology, and art education, Perrault believes it is the role of genuine art to lead one to face oneself. A decade-long career as a psychotherapist, and work with the incarcerated in New York, inform his work. The empty interiors which fill his paintings are places of cool and quiet reserve. Reduced to essentials, these interiors of pristine walls, swept with light, are representations of the emotional states of life's psychological and spiritual journey. Mysterious in their simplicity, the layers of these spaces are like layers of the mind and soul. These vistas of perfect calm and beauty offering a promise of hope and peace. For Perrault, attentive observers encountering art must necessarily be moved to ponder questions of inner experience. His paintings beckon us to explore and to discover the "frames of mind" of the interior life.

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