Yang Yanping (b. 1934)

Autumn Symphony

Colored Ink on Rice Paper
37 7/8 x 62 1/2 inches, 96.2 x 158.8 cm

Much has been written about Ms Yang's use of the lotus flower in her paintings. Yang began painting lotus flowers in 1981. Traditionally a Buddhist symbol of beauty and purity, the lotus flower is also associated in China with the intellectual class. This relates formally to the tradition of the guohua -the traditional style of Chinese brush painting and classical composition. On the level of content, the lotus symbolizes hope, specifically related to the endurance of the human spirit in times of chaos. The lotus directly relates to the Sakyamuni -the seated Buddha - the auspicious sign of goodness that guards against evil. The breadth of interpretation given to the lotus flower by the Chinese is not incidental.

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