Enrico Baj (1924 - 2003)


Mixed Media on Canvas
36 � x 28 � inches, 92 x 73 cm
Signed and dated on the back

Enrico Baj was an Italian artist, writer, activist and anarchist. Born to a wealthy family in Milan, he fled Italy in 1944 for Geneva to avoid being enlisted in Mussolini's army. Following the conclusion of the Second World War and after having joined the radical COBRA group in the late 1940s, he founded the Nuclear Art Movement with Sergio Dangelo with the goal of "demolishing all the �isms' of painting that inevitably lapses into academicism, whatever their origins might be." Over the course of his career, Baj constantly deconstructed and reconstructed his understanding of what painting was on the whole and what he understood his artistic practice to be. His art tended to take a political bent - examining through his specific lens the Italian ruling class and governmental officials. He is best known for his portraits of generals (generali).

"La Dame" is a rare early portrait subject.

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