David Gilhooly (b. 1943)

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Born in Auburn, CA in 1943, David Gilhooly is well-known for his comical ceramic sculptures of food, animals, plants, but primarily, his sculpture series, "The Frog World." He is considered an integral member of The Funk Ceramic Movement of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Originally interested in making a "Pig World," Gilhooly opted for frogs instead, finding them to be significantly less "loaded." "Frog World" started with the likes of "FrogMedusa" to "FrogTut" to "FrogGeorge and FrogMartha Washington" and the list goes on. Eventually, Gilhooly became interested in frogs and vegetables first and then expanded to other categories of food, creating frog salads, sandwiches, burgers, and many other edible treats.

In 1982, Gilhooly began investigating working with Plexiglass, while continuing creating ceramic sculptures. By 1996, he gave up working with clay completely and currently works with Plexiglass on what he calls "shadow boxes."

He has taught extensively at institutions all over Canada and California and exhibited nationwide.

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