Steve Perrault’s New Paintings

Last week we had a wonderful surprise! A large box arrived from Steve Perrault containing two of his new large format paintings. They are spectacular.

For most of his artistic career, Perrault has painted in two size formats – 28 x 36 inch canvases and 30 x 40 inch pieces. Rarely did he go larger. Then two years ago, Perrault was commissioned to create a work that was 56 x 42 inches, larger in scale than any of his previous works.

In this expanded scale, his work broke free and a new visual language emerged. The Imagined image became wonderfully abstract, lightness shone through and created a world which seemed to surround us. Steve’s recent works on this larger scale achieve a presence in a room that is large beyond their size.

Currently we have three of his larger canvases available in our 79th street space and will have another five in time for Steve’s solo show in October. Between now and October, Steve plans to not only finish the remaining works for his show but also move from Oregon to Pennsylvania.  This is a happy day for him – imagine a man who paints his blue paintings of sunshine living in a land where it always rains. We look forward to having Steve back on the East Coast.

"State of Life," 2009, Acrylic on Linen, 42 x 56 in.

"True to Self," 2011, Acrylic on Linen, 56 x 42 in.

"Self assurance," 2011, Acrylic on Linen, 42 x 56 in.

Reproduction does not do these paintings justice. To see their true beauty, we invite you to come visit us and Steve’s works at 16 East 79th Street on the 2nd floor. We are open from 1:30 to 5pm weekday afternoons or by appointment.

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