As busy people, we tend to live in the 'now'. There is neither the inclination, time or necessity to wander in the past. However, as we began to build our new Website, we went back through some of the old files that we could find and were amazed. There were so many great memories - paintings of a quality that we rarely see today. We thought that it would be interesting to gather together some of the images, not only of the individual paintings, but of works hanging together in Art Fairs. Together it all creates a tapestry of the values that have driven our business for 50 years. In the end, what we do is driven not just by quality but by value and certain artists reappear over and over. Jean Dubuffet has always been a favorite, from our first purchase for $1,600 - also Degas and Monet. We had many great Botero paintings in the 1970s because they were available.